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Get Through Tonight

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It goes shame on you once
And shame on me twice
Trapped in the overlap
Between virtue and vice
With no compass, no map
No GPS device
But you are stuck too
So please, keep your advice
Seems we're moving through the confusion
That followed the surprise
It's just another old delusion
In your disillusioned eyes
I said "I'll worry about tomorrow on the day that it arrives"
And "I'll take whatever you got just to get through tonight"
When passion sets sparks to your gasoline eyes Your visions are flames melting plasticine skiesEnclosed in your burning rose saccharine liesThe dancing gold, warm yellow/tangerine lights
[Verse 2]
Well sometimes you fail
No matter how hard you try
And it's more than your heart could
Desire to despise
Well at least we all agree
That we cannot compromise
Whether we fail or succeed
It'll be our demise
When you're at a loss for
What you often say
You get your point across
By just walking away
I'll prepare for the attack
At the crack of morning light
And I'll take whatever you got just to get through tonight [Chorus repeats]It's the feeling of something
That's too hard to describe
Your life spinning out
Like drunken carnival rides
And you're just standing there
Still wearing your disguise
There's a chill in the air
And despair in your eyes
Well I've never been much
Of a "5 year plan" type
In a constant struggle with
The concept of time
Well I'll worry about forever
In some distant future life
And I'll take whatever you got just to get through tonight