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Mighty Empires Fall

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Life lets you up
Then breaks you down
Head in the clouds
Feet on the ground
Not here or there
We get around
I'm here if you need me right now
In for an ounce
In for a pound
Loudest silence
Quiet sound
No in or out
It's float or drown
I really need you right now

One thing is for sure
We want something more
Whether rich or poor
It's what we're all fighting for
Some would give it all
For one easy score
Writing's on the wall
Mighty empires will fall

[Verse 2]
You want to run
You want to hide
The problems come
From inside
I come and go
You want a ride
I'm here if you need a ride now
I told you left
But you went right
So catch your breath
And get it right
Whatever's left
Ain't for tonight
Although I need it right now

It's never easy baby
Just seems too hard sometimes
We could all use a hand
To understand parts of our lives
So take it easy baby
And know the sun will shine
Whatever comes along
Will also go along in time

[Chorus repeat]

[Verse 3]
So easy come
And easy go
And I'll take one
More for the road
One for the money
Due for the shows
I really need it tonight
And when your highs
Turn into lows
That's when you'll notice
I suppose
That's just the way it goes
One day we may be alright

[Chorus repeat]

[Bridge repeat outro]